The Peace Mandala is WPG’s main event. It is not only a visual wonder of majesty, intricacy, and magnitude, but it also holds a deep philosophical meaning rooted in Buddhism. The Peace Mandala is a gathering place of Buddhas. The circle configurations of the mandala represents the non-dual nature or the True nature. It encompasses all duality phenomena, yet is ever-present in all dualism. The 5 colored layers of the mandala configuration represents the 5 fundamental elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space). It also represents the 5 Skandhas (form, feelings, thoughts, habitual forming energy, and consciousness). All living beings in the samsara are either bound by the 5 elements or the 5 skandhas.

The philosophy of the Mandala is the moving of beings residing in the realm of the 5 skandhas into the Non-dual nature, thus liberating them. If we all come together and form the largest human mandala in the world (as we attempt to set this World Record), imagine the greater impact of our peaceful spirit and energy sent to the world.

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