• Anaheim Convention Center
    800 W Katella Ave.
    Anaheim, CA 92802
    WPG Event Days:
    Friday   Sept 07   8am-8pm
    Saturday   Sept 08 8am-9pm
    Sunday   Sept 09 8am-9pm
    ** Registration is open each day at 7am **
  • Bus transportation
    We have free bus shuttles that go between Bolsa Grande High School and Anaheim convention center.
      See Bus Schedule
  • Lunch and Dinner
    Lunch and dinner will be provided
    free of charge for registered guests.
    Vegetarian Restaurants
    There are many fine vegetarian restaurants around Orange County.
    Vegetarian Restaurants

Short-Term Leave Home Program

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Short-Term Leave Home

A 12-day retreat to cultivate on behalf of someone and is a pillar of the World Peace Gathering.

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Thiền Trà

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Tea Meditation

TeaMeditation® as a Means for Promoting Self-Awareness, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Conflict-Resolution.

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Mandala Ceremony

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Mandala Ceremony

The boundless light mandala combines the Avatamsaka & Prajna philosophies & creates a method of spiritual practice for a large group.

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Buddhist Chant: Shomyo with Electronics

To celebrate our 10th anniversary and for the first time in the history of World Peace Gathering, we are proud to bring the ancient Japanese music of 1200 year-old shomyo chant to be performed by Shingon monks coming from Koyasan, Japan.

Shomyo chant is collaborated with Keiichiro Shibuya, a composer and musician based in Tokyo and Paris. He is collaborating with various fields such as scientists, visual artists and dancers.


Invitation Letter

Dear Friends,

Compassionate Service Society will hold World Peace Gathering in Orange County on September 7, 8 and 9, 2018. This year, we will celebrate 10 years Anniversary of World Peace Gathering. Looking over the past decade, 10 years is not the destination but an important milestone demonstrating the faith and countless support of thousands of attendees each year. World Peace Gathering had a humble beginning and faced numerous challenges of wet winter rain and extremely hot summer when it was held inside a tent of Phoenix Club in Anaheim for consecutive years. Eventually, it was moved to Long Beach Convention in order to serve a growing number of attendees in subsequent years. This is a turning point depicting the maturity of our event management and providing an international venue capable of serving over one thousand people.

Mandala of The Greatly Compassionate Kwan Yin.


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S-Term Leave Home

(714) 983-8646

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