• Kōyasan
    WPG Event Days:
    Friday   Oct 18   Shomyo Ceremony for World Peace
    Saturday   Oct 19 Vairochana Mandala
    Sunday   Oct 20 World Peace Conference

Short-Term Leave Home Program

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Short-Term Leave Home

A 12-day retreat to cultivate on behalf of someone and is a pillar of the World Peace Gathering.

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Thiền Trà

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Tea Meditation

TeaMeditation® as a Means for Promoting Self-Awareness, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Conflict-Resolution.

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Mandala Ceremony

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Mandala Ceremony

The boundless light mandala combines the Avatamsaka & Prajna philosophies & creates a method of spiritual practice for a large group.

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Vairochana Mandala


Mandala is a sacred place where the Buddhas, bodhisattvas gathers to teach and transform living beings. It is the place the Buddhas manifest their samadhi, concentration and the spiritual and healing powers.

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Mandala of The Greatly Compassionate Kwan Yin.


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