• Long Beach Convention Center
    100 S. Pine Ave.
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    WPG Event Days:
    Friday   12/16 8am-8pm
    Saturday   12/17 8am-9pm
    Sunday   12/18 8am-9pm
    ** Registration is open each day at 7am **
  • Bus transportation
    We have free buses that go between iTC and Long Beach convention center.
      See Bus Schedule
  • Lunch and Dinner
    Lunch and dinner will be provided
    free of charge for registered guests.
    Vegetarian Restaurants
    There are many fine vegetarian restaurants around LBCC.
    Vegetarian Restaurants

Short-Term Leave Home Program

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Short-Term Leave Home

A 15-day retreat to cultivate on behalf of someone and is a pillar of the 2016 World Peace Gathering.

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Thiền Trà

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Tea Meditation

TeaMeditation® as a Means for Promoting Self-Awareness, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Conflict-Resolution.

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Mandala Ceremony

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Mandala Ceremony

The boundless light mandala combines the Avatamsaka & Prajna philosophies & creates a method of spiritual practice for a large group.

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About World Peace Gathering

Every year we hold the World Peace Gathering in Orange County to bring our community to a common purpose of generating goodness, wholesome energy, and love to a troubled world. Since 2009 to now, we had approximately 1,200 to 1,500 people attending each year of WPG with great enthusiasm, care, and support. We know there is a great need for emotional support, especially in this world of unrest and violence. We know our community needs spiritual inspiration for its own wholeness and healing. We know each of us wants to feel at home and included when we come together celebrating or praying. We all want peace, first within our hearts, then within our family, then to our community, and the world. Our World Peace Gathering is just for these purposes.

Highlights of WPG include a variety of spiritual activities and practices:

  • Prayers Dharma talks
  • Meditation Exercise for world peace
  • Three-Steps-One Bow for world peace
  • Tea Meditation for world peace Peace
  • Mandala Ceremony (Sunday, 12/18/16)

Be a part of history and join us for prayers and meditation for inner peace for world peace as we attempt to set the World Record for the Largest Human Mandala. This is the first time in Buddhist history of the last 300 years that we set a world record to create a human mandala to bring together all religions, faiths, and people for world peace.


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