• Long Beach Convention Center
    100 S. Pine Ave.
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    WPG Event Days:
    Saturday   12/17 8am-8pm
    Sunday   12/18 8am-9pm
  • Bus transportation
    We have free buses that go between iTC and Long Beach convention center.
      See Bus Schedule
  • Lunch and Dinner
    Lunch and dinner will be provided
    free of charge for registered guests.
    Vegetarian Restaurants
    There are many fine vegetarian restaurants around LBCC.
    Vegetarian Restaurants

Short-Term Leave Home Program

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Short-Term Leave Home

A 12-day retreat to cultivate on behalf of someone and is a pillar of the 2015 World Peace Gathering.

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Offering to the Sangha Ceremony

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Offering to the Sangha Ceremony

A Buddhist tradition in which lay people gather to pay respect, make offerings to the sangha.

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Mandala Ceremony

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Mandala Ceremony

The boundless light mandala combines the Avatamsaka & Prajna philosophies & creates a method of spiritual practice for a large group.

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WPG 2016 Invitation Letter

Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to join Compassionate Service Society this Holiday season for our 8th Annual World Peace Gathering 2016.

The World Peace Gathering event is a two-day experience on the Flower Adornment Sutra’s teaching on the bodhisattva spirit of giving, compassion, and peace towards all. It is a well-rounded program that includes many aspects of cultivation:

Repentance bowing - Dharma lectures
Meditation - Mandala participation - Exercise for well being
Alms Offering Ceremony

With the Ultimate Purposes:

  • To gain peacefulness in the present
  • To create a synergic field of loving kindness
  • “a peaceful mind in a healthy body leads to world peace”

Plus the Following Highlights::

  • Generating a profound spirit through the cultivation and participation in the Mandala of Limitless Lights
  • Pray for world peace together with the international sangha

Free to attend. Please register to indicate attendance, meals, and transportation at:

  • Online: wpg.compassheart.com
  • Phone: 714.631.6994
  • Integral Taichi Center: 12201 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove. CA 92840

Thank you

WPG Organizing Team


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WPG Organizer

(714) 631-6994
iTC 12201 Brookhurst St.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

S-Term Leave Home

(714) 983-8646

@ 2015 Compassionate Service Society

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